Eegah! (1962)

EEGAH! (1962)
Article #185 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 9-17-2001
Posting date: 1-31-2002

A girl, her boyfriend, and her father encounter a tall caveman hiding out in the nearby mountain range.

By all reports, Arch Hall Jr. does an excellent job in playing the title character in THE SADIST, and I’m willing to believe that; he looks like he’d be convincing as a murderous psycho. Unfortunately, at this point in his career, his father Arch Hall, Sr. (a.k.a. William Watters) was grooming him for teen idolship, so he was supposing to be charming, loveable, and cute as a button. He also performs three songs (the icky “Vicki”, the vacuous “Valerie”, and that one about the haunted house with his swinging combo), and if you’re lucky, you’ll be rummaging through your refrigerator looking for olives when they pop up rather than trying to tear your own ears off to stop the pain. Richard Kiel plays Eegah (the name written in catsup), and rather than looking imposing and threatening, he looks gangly; this guy really needed to flesh out a bit to be effective as a monster. It isn’t helped that someone seems to have overdubbed a voice for him (saying words like “Shtemlow”) that don’t match the movement of his mouth; in fact, this movie has one of the most notorious misdubs that I’ve seen anywhere; the “Watch out for snakes” line is not only in the wrong place, but you can spot exactly where it should have gone a few moments later.

EEGAH (the name written in crayon?) is an awful film indeed, but I think it’s awful in the same surreal way as ROBOT MONSTER; it has some truly memorable images, though whether you really want to have your brain retaining these images is questionable. There is the entire shaving sequence where Eegah (the name written in shaving cream?) tries to lap up the lather with his tongue, and there is a shot of Eegah returning to his cave with a bouquet of flowers that will leave you on the floor in hysterics.

This was all supposedly based on KING KONG. Ray Dennis Steckler appears in here somewhere, as well as serving as assistant cameraman.

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