Berserk! (1968)

BERSERK! (1968)
Article #172 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 9-4-2001
Posting date: 1-18-2002

Horrible murders are being committed in a circus.

The circus setting gives writer/producer Herman Cohen a chance to pad out the film with circus footage, including a musical number performed by the freaks in which they imply that they may turn out to be the missing loves in your life. Unfortunately, these are the high points of the movie. Though there is no doubt that Cohen has penchant for the visceral murder thrill (a spike through the head, a woman sawed in half, a man strangled by a high wire), his plots can be compared to women who try to cover up their age by wearing too much makeup; they don’t bear close scrutiny. And while we’re on the subject, Joan Crawford (who is desired by all the men in the movie and spends much of the film wearing tights) was in her early sixties when this was made; she also looks less than thrilled with where she was on her current career arc, and IMHO barely walks through the role. Maybe she saw TROG coming in a couple of years.

Michael Gough and Diana Dors are also in this, but I’d suggest you don’t get too attached to their characters. And for those of you who are plot-hole spotters, ask yourself about the first two murders once you know who the murderer is. And try to figure out how the murderer pulled off the opening death.


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