Siegfried (1924)

Article #128 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 7-22-2001
Posting date: 12-5-2001

A prince kills a dragon and bathes in its blood, which makes him invincible, except for a part of his body which was covered by a leaf. He also acquires a cloak of invisibility. In order to win the heart of the princess he loves, he uses this item to help her brother win the hand of the evil princess Grunhild. When Grunhild discovers the strategem, she plots revenge.

This fun, exciting fantasy epic directed by Fritz Lang was the first of two movies based on DIE NIBELUNGEN. The second was called KRIEMHILD’S REVENGE. I don’t know if it was based on the Wagner opera, or whether both versions were just based on the same stories, but I know the soundtrack on my copy of this movie includes the music from that opera. The fight with the dragon is a particular highlight. I’m looking forward to catching the second movie some time in the future.


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