The Loves of Hercules (1960)

Article #89 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 6-13-2001
Posting date: 10-27-2001

Hercules falls for a queen who is the daughter of a man who he believes may be responsible for the murder of his wife. When the queen’s fiance is then found murdered, she believes Hercules to be the culprit, though he has actually been framed.

A comment that I once heard concerning Sword and Sandal movies is that the chests of the men tend to be bigger than the chests of the women; however, with Jayne Mansfield in two different roles, this one is clearly an exception. This one is a little more coherent than others of its ilk, but it is quite unconvincing and at times laughably silly; it’s hard to keep a straight face during Hercules’ battle with the three-headed Hydra. Another oddity is that the evil queen of the Amazons disposes of her lovers by turning them into hilarious-looking trees (they look like stiff, charred Gumbys). The movie is replete with the usual S&S cliches, and with Mickey Hargitay (as Hercules) wearing a particularly skimpy loincloth, there’s no doubt that this one is as much fun for the girls as it is for the boys.

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