Enemy From Space (1957)

(a.k.a. QUATERMASS 2)
Article #43 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 4-28-2001
Posting date: 9-10-2001

Professor Quatermass (Brian Donlevy) discovers a full-scale recreation of his model for a moonbase in a remote corner of England. The same area has also been the site of strange meteor showers. When an assistant of his suffers an accident involving one of the meteors, and is then taken away by black-suited guards from the moonbase, he investigates the situation.

This is the second of the three Quatermass movies made by Hammer. Even though I have a slight preference for the other two, this is far from a disappointment; it is a top notch SF thriller, with nice performances from all involved, and a palpable sense of dread and paranoia. The Quatermass films remain to this day my personal favorite movies of those put out by Hammer, and I think a great deal of credit has to go to the creator of the whole series, Nigel Kneale.

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