Dead Men Walk (1943)

Article #27 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 4-12-2001
Posting date: 8-25-2001

A man discovers that his recently deceased brother has become a vampire, and sets out to destroy him.

The plot description is pretty basic, and I don’t think there’s a whole lot beyond that; I remember it as being a fairly dull, drab affair. The most interesting aspects of this film are the rather silly doom-talking elderly spinster, Kate: Dwight Frye, in one of his very last roles as Zolarr (and he doesn’t look at all well); the fact that the movie does not follow conventional vampire lore, as the brother becomes a vampire through the use of black magic; and finally, George Zucco in a dual role. This is particularly surprising; Zucco is not one of the actors I would imagine in a dual role, but he does quite well. It’s also interesting to to consider that neither of his two roles are conventional roles for him; I rarely see him as either a heroic figure or a vampire.

With all these unusual elements in the movie, I wish I didn’t find it as lifeless as I do; it should have been much more interesting.

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