Battle in Outer Space (1960)

Article #25 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 4-9-2001
Posting date: 8-23-2001

When I was preparing to write about this movie for the next Movie of the Day, I realized to my horror that I couldn’t remember a thing about it. So I hunted it up and watched it again, and I realized why; it’s mainly action sci-fi, and action movies have a way of not keeping a strong hold on my memory cells. It’s not too bad for all that, I suppose; I found it easier to follow than THE MYSTERIANS though nowhere near as compelling as GORATH (though, in all honesty, the latter is the only one of the three which I have seen in a subtitled version; the others were dubbed). The story is straighforward; aliens attack the earth. The first part of the story deals with brainwashed humans and their intrigues on this planet. The second part involves a trip to the moon to destroy a base of the aliens. The final third is the actual invasion. It’s not badly done, but the lack of characters in the final part tends to make it rather tedious, and I have serious reservations about the scientific theory that lowering the temperatures of objects causes them to resist gravity; I have yet to catch anything floating in my freezer.


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  1. The bad: No character development, Lots of visible strings, Corny dialogue, Why do the moon creatures or wherever they are originally from decide it’s time to destroy earth, aliens to easy to kill.
    The Good: Good miniatures, liked the mind control aspect.
    that’s it, fair at best

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