Bloodlust! (1959)

Article #15 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 3-30-2001
Posting date: 8-13-2001


Several teens find themselves stranded on an island with an insane hunter who plans to hunt them down and mount them in his trophy room.

With a title like BLOODLUST! and the basic plot of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (which I consider one of the most potentially thrilling plot ideas of all time), this movie should be a lot better than it is. But in order to get this idea to work, you have to play up its strength; i.e., that there needs to be a tense battle of wits between the hunter and the hunted. Well, no such battle of wits ever happens; the hunter is too busy knocking off his own henchman, and the teens keep finding a way to elude him by sneaking back into the mansion, and rather than thrills and chills, ennui and boredom set in. A great villain might tilt the scales, but I find Wilton Graff just plain dull; imagine what someone like Vincent Price could do with this role. It does have some horrific visuals here and there, and this might suffice for some people; I just don’t think it ever builds up a compelling story to give the visuals a context.


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