The Madmen of Mandoras (1963)

Article 3697 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-13-2011
Posting Date: 9-28-2011
Directed by David Bradley
Featuring Walter Stocker, Audrey Caire, Carlos Rivas
Country: USA
What it is: Stupid Nazi tricks

A scientist who has developed the antidote to a deadly G-Gas is kidnapped and taken to the country of Mandoras, where Nazis hoping to revive the Third Reich have kept Hitler’s head alive. A federal agent goes to Mandoras to rescue the scientist and stop the Nazis.

This movie is mostly remembered for having had new footage added to it and then released as THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN. In my opinion, you’re better off with that version. It’s not that one version is necessarily better than the other; they both stink. But at least the other version’s mismatched footage (it’s painfully obvious it was shot with completely different actors at a different time) gives it a rather surreal edge that adds an extra jolt of unintended humor into the proceedings. In other words, it’s a bit more interesting; this original version is mostly just deadly dull. There are several reasons for the dullness (too many characters, a muddled story, static direction), but I think the main problem is that the story’s hero hardly does anything but be swept up in the events surrounding him; he doesn’t drive the plot or investigate anything; everything jumps in his lap, and this just doesn’t make for compelling viewing. There’s a few laughs (usually in the scenes involving Hitler’s head), but not near enough. Not recommended.

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